Why we do what we do and how to do it better?

Excitement and fear drives us, leverage them.

As human beings, there are very simple and basic necessities we need to survive, food, water, shelter, sleep, and clothing. But is this all we want to get happy? Certainly not, unless you are a →

How to Make a Task Manager API Using Node JS

Grateful, this is recommended by Medium Curators, and published in largest Medium Publication.

This API powers almost all the necessary functionality of a professional task manager app, and also covers whole structure and functionality for user profile and authentication, and add to that file upload functionality so users can personalise and add a profile picture [article includes code for everything]. read→

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The Hard Thing about Hard Things (Review)

Building a business when there are no easy answers.

Initially it may seem really interesting to start a company and being your own boss, and make your decisions, and probably make a lot of money, but it rarely happens, because a lot of challenges arise while building a company and this book focuses on overcoming →

How to Win Friends and Influence People (Summary and Review)

One of the best self help book, highly recommended.

How to win friends and influence people has been a really influential self-improvement book from decades, and with 15 million copies already sold, it is one of the best selling books, even after it’s first edition being published eighty-three years ago in →

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My summer internship at Paytm

A roller-coaster ride full of learnings and fun.

I was lucky to have landed a summer internship opportunity with the Paytm payments design team, this summers at the Paytm head office in Noida, starting June. With this article, I am taking the opportunity to reflect on my past 8 weeks of →

Infrastructure in India

India plans to spend 1.4 trillion usd on infrastructure in 2019-24

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Hard Startups

It’s often easier to succeed with a hard startup than an easy one.

Sam Altman

A hard startup requires a lot more money, time, coordination, or technological development than most startups. A good hard startup is one that will be valuable if it works (not all hard problems are worth solving!)visit →

Advice for 10-20 year olds

Try to get some sense of kinds of things you enjoy doing.

Patrick Collison

If you're 10–20: these are prime years, go deep on things, become an expert. In particular, try to go deep on multiple things. One of the main things you should try to achieve by age 20 is some sense for which kinds of things you enjoy doing.visit →

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Don't host your static website on cloud

It might seem better, but actually is not for static websites.

You might wanna try it, and you should, also, the free trial and the cost for static bucket almost free, works as icing on cake, but there are certain complexities involved, with almost no →

How to deploy your Node.js application on Heroku

With the command line prompt on the free trial of Heroku.

How to, prerequisites, and step by step process, using command line prompt with visual studio code on the free trial of the →